Premature Ejaculation - FAQ - How to Control Premature Ejaculation and Last As Long As Your Want in Bed
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FAQ - How to Control Premature Ejaculation and Last As Long As Your Want in Bed

If you have been looking for information about how to control premature ejaculation, you have probably been exposed to a lot of myths. Think about baseball, wear two condoms, etc. There is a lot of information that gets spread daily regarding how to increase your staying power and last longer in bed.

The truth is, most of the methods that are rumored to be effective are the most highly ineffective of all. This is a problem that must be defeated from the inside out, meaning you have to re-train both your body and your mind to be able to withstand intense stimulation - the kind that occurs during sexual intercourse - for much longer periods of time than you can right now.

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 Here are the questions I hear most often about how to control premature ejaculation, followed by my answers:

Is it effective to think about something non-sexual, such as baseball, during intercourse to delay my ejaculation?

If it were, then this problem would probably be nonexistent, because I don't think there is a man on the planet suffering from premature ejaculation who hasn't tried this. The bottom line is, it is not only ineffective but it actually worsens your sex life because having your mind elsewhere severs the connection that you should have with your partner.

I know that wearing two condoms is a big hoax, but what about the condoms with the climax control cream?

I tried those several years back and found that they did absolutely nothing, but that is just my experience. In my opinion, even if they worked, they would be something you'd have to rely on forever. What about when you're married or in a trusting, monogamous relationship and want to go sans condom? That is why you need to defeat this problem from the inside out instead of relying on a "quick fix."

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What People Said About Premature Ejaculation Relief
"Hello, I got stallion for my husband. He was offended by that, but after a few days he finally put his ego aside and decided to give it a try. Two weeks later he can last longer without stopping all the time, it works! I'm ordering a second bottle for him." Jennifer, LA
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What should I look for when deciding on a natural routine to put to use to end my premature ejaculation?

Make sure that it employs all natural methods, that it can be done alone or with a partner, whichever you choose, and that it is backed by a 100% guarantee. Make them put their money where their mouth is.

If you are ready to take action today and get started on an all-natural routine to end your premature ejaculation FAST, here is a link to the exact method I used to go from a "MINUTE MAN" to a "MARATHON MAN":

This incredible step-by-step program is backed by a 100% guarantee that you will gain the stamina you need to satisfy her EVERY time! Use this program correctly and consistently and you WILL increase your staying power significantly!
Laura L. Linares

People's Comments:

    what is the natural cure for premature ejaculation?

  • just me asked on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
  • maddogcatharin replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    Stop wan***ng
  • Thad replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    Freezing nerve termination in the epydidimus (sp?). PE is a very complex problem structurally multi-causal. See a urologist pronto.
  • lissarellacollier replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    stick a peg on the top of it r cocktimites
  • Samuel replied on Fri, 02 May, 2014
    Prolargent5X5 Extreme is a good product, and help the person who need control the premature ejaculation. its really effective and made from a natural raw material.
  • nutter replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
  • EMAILSKIP replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    It's a mental thing. Mind over Matter. Counselor can help in a few sessions. Do it, you'll be happy when it's behind you...
  • ***** replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    Premature ejaculation is a condition that effects many men at some point in their lives. There are a couple of different solutions to the problem, depending on your situation, what you wish to accomplish, and how much work you want to put into it. If you are new to sex, there is one easy solution: Generally – when a man starts to have sex, his first few experiences will be short lived and not that satisfying. I am convinced that this is because of all of the excitement and pressure surrounding the first few events – to say nothing of the conditions surrounding those first few experiences (Quick before my dad gets home!) The good news is that this almost always goes away on it’s own with a little bit more experience. Don’t worry too much about it – almost no one has a particularly enjoyable first time – it is almost universally uncomfortable for everyone. This can also happen the first few times a man experiences a new sexual activity – such as oral sex. Conversely, sometimes men have the opposite reaction and cannot maintain an erection during their first few experiences. In any case – don’t worry about it – this will go away on it’s own with a little more practice. Now, if you are a man who is suffering with premature ejaculation, and you have had plenty of sex, or if this is something new to you – read on: There are three short term solutions: First wear a condom, which unless you are in a monogamous relationship with someone you know is healthy and want to have children with you should be doing anyway. As most folks know a condom reduces the amount of sensation you will have and as a result you will be stimulated less, you will take longer to reach orgasm, and will last longer. Everyone hates condoms – but they have their place. The second thing you can try – if a condom is not for you is to do what Adam Carolla refers to as “taking a bullet out of the chamber.” Masturbate a few hours before you intend to be with your girlfriend, it takes the pressure off, and makes things last longer. Most guys have tried to masturbate and have two or more orgasms in close succession to one another and have found that the second, or third, or fourth (some guys just keep going) takes longer than the one before it. This is the same trick. If you masturbate before you see your girlfriend, then when you are with your girlfriend you will take longer. Alternatively – have your girlfriend go down on you, until you ejaculate in her mouth / boobs / face / wherever turns you two on, and then you go down on her, or finger her or whatever turns her on until you are ready to go again. The second time will of course – take longer. Think about baseball. Or of course anything else that is non-sex related. It might be even more effective to think about something you find particularly revolting – like your grandmother – though that might cause bigger problems down the line – try that at your own risk. I of course have no idea how well this solution works – but the guys I have been with all tell me it works a little... but only a little. And it seems to me that this is sort of the opposite of what you want to do – you want to think about the experience and savor it, I imagine (I know I do) so trying to separate yourself from it might be of limited value. Then there are 2 long term solutions. A lot of guys train themselves to ejaculate quickly when they masturbate – because they want to avoid getting caught by a mom, or a roommate, or a sibling, or a cop... so the idea is to finish up as quickly from start to finish as possible. So what you want to do is un-do that training, or at least use that same sort of training to your advantage. When you masturbate – set aside some time for it, and take your time. When you get cranking, stop periodically. When you get to the point where you feel like you are about to ejaculate – stop, and let the feeling pass – and then start up again. Keep doing that until you can better control the length of time it takes you to reach that initial feeling. Sure it is a bit of work – but it can be fun work to do. You can also do this with a girl, but let her know what you are trying to do before you get started – otherwise she might be very confused. The second solution is one I have had very little success with. It is more or less the same as the above solution, where you masturbate, or engage in intercourse with a girl until just before you reach orgasm, and then you stop and pinch (softly) the head of your penis. And this is supposedly supposed to make the feeling of impending orgasm decrease – so that you can go again right away. In my experience – almost every time I have done this, I have ended up with a face full of semen just after pinching the penis. Which is great with me because I love when a man gives me a facial – but it is not the desired result. Other folks say this works well for them. Good for them. It is worth a try. In any case – relax – stress about – or focusing on trying not to ejaculate prematurely – or pressure to perform is only going to make your problem worse. The best advice is to simply slow down, and relax. Enjoy the ride.
  • lignebur72 replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a very common and serious problem suffered by 1 out of 4 males. The causes of PE range from person to person and from psychological to physical. The average time a male suffering from PE is less than 5 minutes of intercourse before they ejaculate. There are many supplements and techniques that are good for this issue. There are also medications, but those have side effects. I would recommend using 5-HTP 200mg, which is a serotonin precusor. A low serotonin level has been linked to PE, that is why doctors prescribed anti-depressants, 5-HTP will boost the serotonin levels naturally. You can also practice the Natural Ejaculation Control Tecnique.
  • Gavin T replied on Fri, 04 Aug, 2006
    I agree with ***** Good advice...
  • kevin j replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    relax relax take it slow purse now and again you will start lasting longer relax
  • puchi replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    better 2 consult ur doctor instead of taking other's suggestion
  • snowball666 replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    stop it when you get the feeling try this 3 times but when feeling goes keep going
  • jack replied on Thu, 12 Jun, 2014
    excited to use Prolargent5X5 Extreme . i have read several good comments about the premature ejaculation.
  • thunderwavesss replied on Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
    try to thinking in any thing else or count down from 100 . 99 . 98 till end and then you feel it come stop moving few seconds and start again . good luck

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